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Horder cleaning services in Edinburgh: Nova Clean

Behind the Scenes of Hoarder Cleaning: Nova Clean's Innovative Services in Edinburgh

hoarder disorder cleaning edinburghIn the heart of Edinburgh, a silent struggle often goes unnoticed in the privacy of homes: hoarding. This complex and emotional challenge touches more lives than many realize, and addressing it requires a blend of compassion, understanding, and professional expertise. Enter Nova Clean, a beacon of hope in the realm of hoarder cleaning services in Edinburgh. With a mission to transform cluttered chaos into harmonious havens, Nova Clean stands out not just for their cleaning prowess but for their deep understanding of the sensitive nature of hoarding.

From the psychological aspects of hoarding to the detailed, respectful cleaning processes, and the life-changing benefits of a decluttered space, join us as we journey through the transformative work of Nova Clean.

Understanding Hoarding: A Brief Overview

Hoarding, a term often misunderstood and misrepresented, refers to the persistent difficulty in parting with possessions, regardless of their actual value. This behavior leads to the accumulation of items that clutter living spaces, severely affecting the usability of the home and, more importantly, the well-being of the individual. In Edinburgh, as in many other cities, hoarding is not just a personal challenge but a communal concern.

The psychology behind hoarding is intricate

hoarder disorder cleaning edinburghOften linked to various emotional and mental health issues, hoarding can stem from a range of causes, including trauma, depression, anxiety, or obsessive-compulsive disorder. For many, the items they collect and find hard to discard hold emotional significance, serving as a comfort blanket against the uncertainties of life. Others may hoard due to a fear of wasting or an excessive attachment to possessions, seeing potential utility or value in every object.

Hoarding can have profound effects on both physical and mental health. Living spaces overwhelmed with clutter pose serious health risks, including fire hazards, unsanitary conditions, and the potential for falls. Moreover, the social stigma and isolation associated with hoarding often lead to feelings of embarrassment, anxiety, and depression. Family members and loved ones also feel the impact, as they struggle to understand and help those grappling with hoarding tendencies.

In Edinburgh, where traditional homes and apartments often have limited space, the impact of hoarding can be even more pronounced. The city's rich history and culture, while a source of pride, also mean that many residents live in older buildings with unique spatial challenges. This aspect makes effective hoarding intervention and cleaning services not just a necessity but an art.

Hording house cleanup

Nova Clean, a leading service provider in Edinburgh, approaches hoarding cleanups with a deep understanding of these complexities. They recognize that every hoarding situation is unique and requires a personalized approach. It's not just about cleaning and decluttering; it's about providing a path to a better, healthier living environment while respecting the emotional challenges faced by the individual.

Nova Clean's team is trained to handle these delicate situations with empathy, discretion, and professionalism. Their services extend beyond mere cleaning; they offer a supportive process that aims to empower individuals, helping them take control of their environment and, by extension, their lives. This approach is crucial in creating sustainable change and ensuring that the transition to a cleaner, more organized space is a positive and transformative experience for the individual.

In conclusion, understanding hoarding is the first step in addressing it effectively. With services like those offered by Nova Clean, individuals in Edinburgh grappling with hoarding can find not just a clean home but a fresh start towards a more manageable and fulfilling life.

hoarder disorder cleaning edinburghDisinfection and decluttering

In this type of situation, the person facing the hoarding disorder needs us to respond to specific and precise needs. If it's someone close to you or in your family who is affected, you may not be equipped to deal with such a situation. The lack of equipment could put you in danger.

In the case of hoarding disorder, family and friends are often distraught and lost. People with this syndrome tend to distort reality. They tend to be suspicious and distant. Help can feel like an intrusion. That's why we pay so much attention to the way we intervene.

In the event of a death, it can be very hard psychologically to take care of the house clearance and cleaning. We will relieve you of this task with discretion, respecting your requests.

Our company has a team of discreet and rigorous technicians who will respect the dignity of the occupant or the belongings of the deceased.

The resources deployed in a hoarding house will not always be the same depending on the situation. Contacting our cleaning company will provide you with a tailor-made estimate, at no unnecessary cost, so that you can lift the insalubrious housing order.

How do you clean unsanitary accommodation?

Rubbish, mould and damp are all harmful to your health, so precautions must be taken. Unhealthy conditions are very harmful to the occupant, so it is strongly recommended that you do the cleaning yourself. Unsanitary cleaning requires equipment and training. Our cleaning team has the resources needed for a thorough clean and the right methods to prevent the spread of these fetishes.

We clear the house of rubbish and other waste. Rooms are cleared of clutter and personal belongings are boxed up or put away. Clearing out and disinfecting are the most important parts of our work.

Depending on the condition of the property, we proceed in stages:

  • Gearing up: special personal protective clothing is essential (gloves, mask, overalls, overboots, etc.).
  • Sorting: to distinguish between rubbish and personal items such as family mementos, you need to start by sorting.
  • Clear away: removing bulky items can seem daunting, but our team is well organised and has a lorry, van and skips at its disposal if required. We take care of unloading bulky items at landfill sites.
  • Disinfecting: cleaning your home by eliminating germs. Disinfection and good ventilation make for a healthy living space, free from bacteria and microbes that are harmful to health.
  • Pest control: a hygiene-free environment.


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